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Although this blog has been following a strict radio silants protocol for the past two months, my life, in terms of exciting entomological endeavors, has been rather active of late. This is mostly due to the fact that I have been in New York for the past three weeks studying ants at the American Museum of Natural History. Under the mentorship of Dr. Ron Clouse, I am attempting to add some clarification to myrmecologists’ current understanding of the phylogenetic relationships between species of the confusing Camponotus maculatus group, primarily those currently living on various Pacific Islands. I am doing genetic and morphological analyses of specimens from archipelagos ranging from Christmas Island to the Cook Islands and collected by a variety of researchers. One of these researchers is, in fact, Dr. Evan Economo, my mentor of three years who just recently moved to Japan for his new position at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology.

The generous compensation offered as part of the REU program includes housing at Columbia University’s East Campus Hall. There’s a pretty nice view from my room in our 8th floor apartment:

Single Rainbow 'Cross the Sky?

This rainbow was, in fact, a double rainbow all the way across the sky:

Anyways, I hope to document many happenings in New York City including, but not limited to, ants in Central Park, ants in the subway, ants in Chinatown, ants in my lab, and ants in my pants. I’m kidding about the ants in the subway, of course.


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