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Well, I seem to have once again let a month slip by without giving my many readers so much as a chemical signal. But now I’m back, and with good news: I will be participating this summer in the REU program at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, under the mentorship of Dr. Ron Clouse. I’m not sure exactly what I will doing yet, but I obviously won’t be running around a prairie this time. Some project involving morphometrics is a likely possibility, and this would involve analyzing morphological characteristics and their correlation with genetic markers in order to determine the evolutionary history of ant species across Pacific islands. Whatever the project, the experience is sure to be exciting!

Also, I will be a short 4-hour bus ride away from my brother (author of this blog), and we will be meeting at some point in Chinatown (in Boston, New York, or both) to experience Chinese teas, xiangqi, and erhu.


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