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Teaching in China!

Although this blog has been very quiet recently due to the busyness of my schedule, FF is not dead. In fact, I now have a second blog that will cover my experience teaching in Cili, China.  This blog will, of course, continue to cover ants and other entomological things.

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Mosquito in Flight

Mosquitos are not nearly as awesome as ants, and they are pretty much evil (as I establish here). But a new study on this family of insects has revealed how mosquitos fly in the rain – the video in the article is rather fascinating.

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NPR has an intriguing clip about shared rhythm in nature and composed works: here. Not about ants, but interesting, nonetheless!

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Photographs by FF

Formicidae Fantasy now has a new tab: “Images”. In it, you will find images. I don’t have too many at this point, but I hope to expand my collection in the future. Enjoy!

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New Look

I’ve decided to try out a new look for Formicidae Fantasy. I hope that my many readers will not find this too shocking! I haven’t settled on a banner image yet, but the current one has ants, so I certainly could do worse.

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Cool Video

This is awesome. Found at Myrmecos, from YouTube.

A general premise of mine is that ants > toad bugs > other insects > spiders, but this video is, perhaps, evidence to the contrary.

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A Poem

Discovered via Futility Closet, the best non-entomological blog on the Interwebz:

A mosquito was heard to complain
That a chemist had poisoned his brain;
The cause of his sorrow
Was paradichloro-

– Anonymous

Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane is better known as DDT. But this mosquito can’t complain to me – I use cyanide in my kill jar!

(Incidentally, Wikipedia thinks cyanide is no longer used in kill jars due to “extreme toxicity”, but a few specimens of mine would beg to differ…)

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